SIP Trunks Wont Register Untill Local IP Change


I have installed latest version of Elastix few days back, and now am facing a problem where the Asterisk has intermittent loss of internet (5-8 secs max) and the trunks go offline. After the internet is back online the trunks dont seem to register no matter what I do. I have SIP 2 trunks, Voipfone & Vonage UK.

Both the trunks get unreachable and nothing seems to work, I have found the following commands to no use in this situation…

CLI> reload
CLI> sip reload

amportal restart

I have also tried to disable both the trunks through gui then reload and then enable and then reload, but that also doesnt seem to work.

I then have to change the local IP of my Asterisk from to reboot the machine and both trunks get online automatically.

When I face this issue whilst sitting on IP I simply jump back to and reboot and everythings fine again.

My Asterisk is connected to Draytek 2830, I have made sure that all I have all ports from 5000-6000 pointing to my Asterisk local IP also these ports are not blocked. Everything seems fine till the trunks go down.

Also I have another machine running Elastix in VM environment (for testing purposes) this problem doesnt seem to come on that particular machine at all, tho it is connected to the same router.

Any thoughts?



Just noticed that # service network stop and then #service network start did the job this time, getting the trunks back online. Yet to face the issue again since then…

Anyone with any ideas?