SIP Trunk, I think

I’m running Asterisk 1.4 on CentOS using a single SIP Trunk.

Currently I can make in and outgoing calls just fine, however if I do not make any calls or receive any calls usually within 15 minutes, I can not receive incoming calls on the first several trys (usually 1~3). Then for what ever reason the system starts working. I’ve watched the CLI to see if the call is even coming in and it is not. So I’m thinking their must be some kind of issue with my SIP trunk.

On the debug I did notice this, and I wasn’t sure if it was something of interest:

NOTICE[21732]: chan_sip.c:12289 handle_response_register: Outbound Registration: Expiry for X.X.X.X is 300 sec (Scheduling reregistration in 285 s)
(of course IP Address was masked out)

If I make an outgoing call and hang-up then I can receive incoming calls.

As well I’ve tested this on multiple networks with the same results (DSL, EVDO and Cable)

Any ideas…