SIP Trunk Failover


I would like to be able to redirect a call in the case of a SIP trunk failure. For example, if a call is up and one side disappears, instead of the call being torn down I would like to redirect the party who is still connected -> either park them or redirect them to another trunk.
Is there any mechanism available in Asterisk to handle something like this?

I took a look at the SCF project and it seems to have a lot of great stuff relating to failover between two * servers, but not between two trunks on the same server.

Any help or info will be greatly appreciated!



Asterisk doesn’t really have a concept of trunks. The way to do it, and the way that I believe it is done by FreePBX, is to analyze the ${HANGUPCAUSE} and retry on a different SIP device if the failure appears to be associated with the network, rather than the destination.

Using qualify also helps.