SIP traffic from multiple subnets

Hey All,

We are having some issues with getting some new SIP trunks to work with a couple of new servers to our environment. They worked for a period of time but now, no matter what we try, we cannot get them to work. We have asked the company we get our SIP trunks from to recheck their end, they have, they say everything is fine. We have looked into our Cisco firewall to make sure that their are the correct settings to pass through, we believe this be correct.

Our new SIP trunks are on a different sub net from our original, working SIP trunks. Someone mentioned to us that SIP through Cisco has to come through the same subnet. Cisco said it shouldn’t matter if it is set up correctly, which is what we expected.

So my question is: is there a limitation in Asterisk (IAX) that requires all SIP trunks to be on the same subnet in order to communicate correctly?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Cisco doesn’t use IAX.

Asterisk doesn’t look at the routing tables so it cannot tell if sub-nets differ, and the routing in a properly sub-netted network should be invisible to applications.

Is your problem actually related to a breakdown of the routing?