SIP to PJSIP conversion issue!

When I try to convert the sip.conf to Pjsip.conf

I getting this error:

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Reading sip.conf
Could not open file sip.conf for reading
Converting to PJSIP…
Writing pjsip.conf

It states:

“Could not open file sip.conf for reading”

Which would make it appear that it could not open the sip.conf file. Where did you run the script? If run from the sip_to_pjsip directory it will look for sip.conf in that directory. You can specify the full path to sip.conf as an argument to the script:

./ /etc/asterisk/sip.conf

For example, and the pjsip.conf will be output in that directory.

Your comman helped me a lot.
I solved the problem.Thank you very much.

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