Sip status web page

Hi Guys,

I’m new to Asterisk, but seem to be getting along quite nicely. Just finished migrating the company’s phone system onto asterisk without any hiccups at all really.

Just trying to start having some fun with it now…

Has any seen or know if it’s possible to create a webpage that shows a list similar to:


Any ideas would be great.



Probably the easiest solution would be to use the realtime modules and run your SIP peers off a backend database. Once you do that, the database would contain all the information you would see in “sip show peers”, so you could query it from your web app and display it.

have a look at or just do it your self by calling a manger command and parsing teh results.


Thanks guys - with everything I’ve tried with asterisk, just need a direction to try and then it’e easy!