SIP registration state : "Rejected"

Today I’ve confgured a new SIP trunk on my asterisk server.
It is the second SIP trunk configure on this server.
When I put “sip show peers” in Asterisk CLI, I see that the new trunk has an “OK” status.
But in “sip show registry” the trunk show a “rejected” status (while the other trunk has “Registered” status).
The surprise is that I can place call without any issue on this “Rejected” trunk.
May anyone explain to me what exactly means “Rejected” status and how I fix this?
Thanks in advance. :wink:

Rejected means your registration is incorrect, your VOIP provider does not know where you are and will not send you any incoming calls. Most providers authenticate on INVITE when getting outbound calls from you ( they use type=friend for their customers ) so your ability to make outgoing calls is unaffected by your inability to register.
Had your VSP used type=peer you would not be able to make outbound calls w/o registration.
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Using type=friend helps the clueless dial :smiley: