SIP Registration - 1 account, 2 phones?

I was wondering if there is a way to have two phones, one a soft phone, the other a desk phone, to both receive calls for the same extension. What is happening now, is once I setup my soft phone, my desk phone no longer receives calls.

Another question, after I shut off my soft phone, my desk phone no longer receives calls, I have to reboot it. In asterisk console I get the error message “no route”. Is there a way in asterisk to force asterisk to recognize the desk phone again? I tried ‘restart gracefully’ and ‘sip reload’, but neither works.

Thanks in advance!
Peter Borghard

Peter, you should register your phones to Asterisk with different accounts and then, in the extension of the dial plan, call both phones, with a dial commands like Dial(softphone&deskphone).

Hope it helps.


that worked perfect, thanks!

Peter Borghard