SIP redirected by the provider


I use ASTERISK ARI to emit calls.
Using the SIP numbers I bought, sometimes, the callee see a private number or others numbers not related to the SIP number I bought…

When the provider use the good SIP number, the callee voice is sent to my speech to text provider and when I play an audio file, everything is correct.

When it is not the good SIP number, the calee voice is not sent to the STT even if I use the externalMedia application, and the audio file is played with not normally (audio deformation).

In addition, I record the conversations to analyze it and for all the cases, the audio files are well played and the callee voice is well recorded to.

If it happened to someone, is there a solution to recover the normal process even if the SIP number is redirected by the provider? (TELNYX for me)

Thanks a lot and sorry if it is not perfectly clear

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