SIP Publish support with Asterisk 13/14

How do I make Asterisk 13 or 14 to handle SIP PUBLISH sent from the SIP phones that are registered with Hints?

I am getting SIP/2.0 489 Bad Event from Asterisk.

Running into exact problem mentioned in following mail-list:

Asterisk does not accept PUBLISH requests from phones. The only supported event is an Asterisk specific one. The response I gave to the mailing list post still applies here.

Thank you for quick response. Could you please provide me a way to send phone1 status messages to the asterisk server so that it can Notify other phone2 which is subscribed for phone1 on Asterisk?

please provide more details: “The only supported event is an Asterisk specific one.”

The response[1] is linked at the bottom of the mailing list post you mentioned. Without writing an implementation in code to do that there is no way to do it using SIP (accepting a PUBLISH and acting on it).


Thank you for providing information.