SIP Proxy Authentication

I’m running FreePBX version and have a question regarding calls from clients and authentication. I have a 2n Helios door station that I set the SIP Proxy to Asterisk. I enter invalid ID and password. I’m not enabling Registrar.

With this configuration I’m able to call other registered clients via Asterisk, even though the credentials are invalid. I’d expect Asterisk to authenticate the caller and reject the call based on the invalid credentials.

Is there a way to turn that on in Asterisk?


Please note we do not support FreePBX, so cannot tell you how to translate this into FreePBX terms.

I’m assuming chan_sip.

The most likely cause is that you have allowguest set to yes. However, if you are calling the doors, but they are not registering, they must have a static address, in which case you may have copied a cookbook solution for ITSP trunks, and have insecure=invite set (or are using remotesecret, rather than secret.

Your other problem is that you have either the default context, or the one for the doors, pointing to a context that can make calls. If they are not supposed to be able to make calls, the sip.conf entries for the doors should point to a context that rejects all calls.