Sip peer check

In my network, I have each phone is a sip peer. Each extension is setup with an a,b,c,d equivalent. So, if my extension is 2345, I have 2345a,2345b,2345c, etc… And all the 2345 extensions ring at the same time. What happens is that if I ring 2345 and 2345a,b,c aren’t registered, I get an error and a warning for each extension that isn’t registered.

I am looking for a way that I can programatically determine if the extension is registered and if so send a call there if not then don’t.

I have been looking at groups, chanavail and others. I am not finding anything that really fits the bill. If someone could point me toward a link or white paper or cmd It would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

There should be a device state function. I’m not sure if you need to enable qualify.

Note that your naming system still makes an unnecessary association between extensions and devices, although it may confuse the average attacker. (Separating device and extension names is good for more than security.)