SIP Peer Alias

Is it possible to assign aliases to SIP peers? We currently use a modified version of the device’s MAC address as the peer name, which is great for security and uniqueness, but not so good when trying to make sure there are no typos in dial-plans or trying to troubleshoot otherwise.

What I’m looking for is two-fold. First, I’d like to be able to reference a peer’s alias rather than the name. For instance:

Rather than:

I’m sure I could do that with global variables, but that seems messy. Second, I’d like to have the peer alias show up when doing “sip show peers” rather than the peer names as they are more visually identifiable.

Any thoughts? I’m currently running Asterisk 1.8. If it’s a feature that’s available in future versions, that would be useful to know too. I’ve searched around for awhile for this and haven’t found any mention of it, so hopefully it exists and I’m just missing it.

Negative, as far as I know, there’s no way to do such a thing.


Cool, thanks for letting me know.


No prob.