SIP over VPN - One Way Audio (Incoming only)

I’m new to Asterisk but have come a long way in a short time. I’m using Asterisk 13.29.2.

I’ve set it up and have it working perfectly with standard internet connection. I am now trying to place calls from the same PC (X-Lite) through my VPN and only have one way audio (incoming).

I have added the following lines to sip.conf trying to get it working, but the problem remains the same:

externip=89.X.X.X ; VPN External IP Address
localnet=10.X.X.X/ ; VPN Private IP Address
localnet=192.X.X.X/ ; My Private IP Address

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Well, managed to get it working on my own. Many iterations…missing some hair but happy camper now. Corrected by adding/modifying below to sip.conf under general:

nat=force_rport, comedia

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