SIP hotline. SIP phone off-hook connection to context

Hello, I am new to Asterisk and want to be able to take a SIP phone off-hook and have it connect to a context. The SIP extension is 1001 and my SIP trunk is (qtron25/x).
Basically I want a hot line to a SIP trunk.

My extensions.conf:
include => internal


exten => s,1,answer()
exten => s,n,Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=5)
exten => s,n,Set(TIMEOUT(response)=30)
exten => s,n,noop(${CALLERID(all)})
;; disa allows someone calling in from outside to obtain an “internal” system dialtone and dial calls
exten => s,n,disa(no-password,incoming_vt1)
;;; to DICES channels

Thank you.


This isn’t something you control in Asterisk. It’s up to the device in question to do this, and it has to be configured to do so.

Ok, I am usng a Cortelco 2757 SIP instrument. I have been looking through the phone’s configuration settings, but can’t locate anything that would resemble what I am looking to accomplish. What am I looking for?

I couldn’t find it in the manual and I also couldn’t find any way of specifying a dial plan for the phone. Numbers are deemed complete after a five second pause or on pressing #. It looks to me as though this model is too down market for your requirement.

the only solution I see it to setup one of the “speed dial” buttons and use that to call you Trunk
as there is no option for “hot dial”

Thank you. Yes, I resorted to a speed dial button.

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