SIP Extension - Reachable / Unreachable Issue

Hello Guys,

I am making an app using PJSIP protocol for iOS Platform. My Extension is successfully registered at the Asterisk Server. That time my extension status is reachable. Now my application is in the background. After iOS 8, background task only active within 3 minutes after that it will be suspended. That time my extension status is unreachable but the extension is reachable. so is there any way to keep alive reachable status for a long time? We are using our credential in “Bria-x” application, it always keeps alive registration status to reachable. If it goes to unreachable, within 10 seconds, it is reachable. How can it possible? Please help me to find the concrete solution. Thanks in advance.

No, there is not. A device is considered reachable if it responds to a SIP request that it is sent to it. If it doesn’t, then it is considered unreachable. You would need to disable qualify support and do your own thing elsewhere.