Sip.conf registrations failing DNS lookup

I apologise in advance if this issue has an obvious answer. I also posted to the users forum without luck so far - but perhaps this is a developers issue?

I’ve compiled and installed asterisk-1.2.0-rc2.tar.gz on my current (fully patched / updated) FC4 system. There were no compile or installation errors. The sample configuration works fine with no apparent problems.

I edited the default sip.conf to creat a FWD trunk as follows:

When I do a “sip reload”, I get the following error
[color=darkred]firewall*CLI> sip reload
Reloading SIP
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/sip.conf’: Found
Nov 14 14:01:10 WARNING[31966]: acl.c:244 ast_get_ip_or_srv: Unable to lookup ‘’
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/sip_notify.conf’: Found[/color]

Note that the hostname is blank (the two quotes contain nothing). Does this error ring any bells for anybody??? I’ve found scant reference to this googling the net.

I went looking inside the source code and inserted some logging to see what’s going on…
I can see that [color=darkred]ast_get_ip_or_srv[/color] calls [color=darkred]ast_get_srv[/color] which calls [color=darkred]ast_search_dns[/color].

In [color=darkred]ast_get_ip_or_srv[/color], I can see that it is initially called with “value” equal to the host - that is

[color=darkred]ast_search_dns[/color] returns “1” but does not change the “context” structure.

This means that [color=darkred]ast_get_ip_or_srv[/color] sets the string “value” from “” back to to Null, (as the local variable “host” is not initialised to anything ie is blank). Hence, the error message shows telling me that it can’t do the lookup shows the hostname as a blank.

Its not only I’ve tried my account and the error is the same. When I set up an iax trunk to my FWD account by adding the appropriate lines to iax.conf, it all works fine and connects.

The sourcec code I mention looks suspiciously faulty but its “self-documenting” nature doesn’t help me trying to understand what its supposed to be doing.

Other services on the computer work fine. I’m posting this message from the same machine. ie DNS lookups are OK.

Help anybody? Either identifying the bug or telling me what (stupid) configuration error I’ve made.