SIP 500 SErver Internal Error

Occasionally, my calls to the SIP provider is rejected with a “SIP 500 Server Internal Error” received from the SIP side. Upon checking with them, they said they can see the call going into their side and is asking if something is on the Asterisk side that is causing this.

Is there anything that i could look into from the asterisk side ? Any lead will be helpful.

Thank you.

What do you mean by “the SIP side”.

This sounds like a provider problem, but, if not, we would need the logs from Asterisk.

All of the times I’ve seen this occasionally it has been a problem on the remote side, and not caused by Asterisk. Misconfiguration of a route, for example.

SIP side → means yes, the provider side. Not every call is returned with a SIP 500. It happens randomly.

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