Should I be using Asterisk for my Business PBX?

Firstly a big hello to everyone :smile: Always nice to jon a new forum and met new like minded people :smile:

Anyways to my question

I am currently running a Siemans HighPath pbx connected to the big wide world via ISDN30, this is connected to the people in the office via a Swyx ip_pbx that we have are desktop phones and Windows Clients connected to. The Swyx handles the call routing, recording etc etc.

I was wondering if it was now worth dumping the Swyx and turning to Asterisk, but as I am new to the world of Asterisks I am not sure if it is a good idea, or even how to go about it.

Very much looking forward to saying hi, and reading your answers and advice :smile:



Firstly why have you a hipath and a IPPBX ? and how are you connecting the hipath to the swix ?

Also what is your driving force for the change ?


Hi, thank you for your quick reply :smile:

We are using the HiPath as we still have some standard Phones connected to it (long story), the IPPBX takes lines from the HiPath. The IPPBX does not connected directlt to the ISDN30

The reason for the change is mainly cost, Swyx costs us to use, we have to pay for the updates etc.


But Asterisk will still cost you , Not directly but it will still cost. You will need to weigh up how much swix costs compared to he cost of learning and tweaking an Asterisk installation to the same level of features.


Point taken,

There is the costs in learning a new system and how to set it up.

One basic question though… Does Asterisk support basic ISDN 30 cards ?

Hi Yes it does support ISDN30 cards. The TE12X range of cards.