Share outgoing Calls 50/50

Hello Experts,

Need your advise on the following scenario which we need to do:

we need to execute outgoing calls for 2 different numbers.
The unique point is that we need the share the calls 50/50 between the 2 numbers.

Can you please advise how such scenario can be done (is it possible to do so only with DIAL command \ do we need to define a queue for such request)?

Will appreciate your feedback on the above

Route them usinga random numbe, or use a queue with round robin strategy, or use a globab variable to track which one you diled last.

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Maybe set a variable cidnumlist=123-456 or whatever your 2 different numbers are, then check clock while setting the caller ID number:


Then add a ; comment :stopwatch: in your dial plan with the OG post URL :cowboy_hat_face: ?

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