Setting statis-device via dialplan (Asterisk 12)


on Asterisk 12:
is there a way to set a statis device (e.g. “Statis:myDevice”) via dialplan?

the following

“same => n, Set(Statis:myDevice=INUSE)”

–> error: …no error shown, but nothing happens

"same => n, Set(DEVICE_STATE(Stasis:mydevice1)=INUSE)

–> error: …devstate_write: The DEVICE_STATE function can only be used to set ‘Custom:’ device state!

i can currently only change the device’s state via ARI… and i cannot use a Custom:myDevice as this is not handled by ARI.

am i missing something?


The best place to discuss Stasis, ARI, is on the app-dev mailing list here: … sk-app-dev