Setting PRI T1 as modem


Is there a possibility to configure Digium PRI card as modem (analog)? If there is please do advise how to configure PRI card? Because I’m currently trying to send pager messages using qpgae and looking forward to send it over PRI T1.

If the answer is ‘no’, please advise what other solution shall I try?

Note: Here I’m not trying to use fax just data only.

No. They have no analogue input or output.

You could, I assume, configure the software behind them to work as 23-24 modecs, which might actually be more useful, as you could have the 56kb/s end of a 56k analogue connection (the analogue being generated at the far end).

If the answer is ‘no’, please advise what other solution shall I try?[/quote]

That rather depends on what the problem is that you are trying to solve!

Thanks David for replying, I would like to know which software will recommend for doing these operations as per you mentioned

[quote]configure the software behind them to work as 23-24 modecs [/quote] ?

Because I worked on sl-modem, it didn’t worked even I mapped it on the one channel of dahdi (if there are other configuration involve, please share it with me). Where as iaxmodem which is build for fax communication is useless for me.

Please advise at earliest.

This is a few years old, but I suspect it is still true (not a realistic objective):

However you still haven’t really described what you are trying to do, in enough detail for people to suggest alternatives. It is important to communicate the real world problem, not your partial technical solution to it.

Thanks David for sharing the link. As the description you requested from me is that currently I’m working on TAP or IXO to send out pager messages. The tool for that I’m using is qpage, first I tested this application using USB modem (US Robotics) and was able to send pager message successfully. So it makes me clear, this application is workable.

Later I tired to use sl-modem and mapped it on the one channel of dahdi (using ISDN/PRI T1 line). By this I’ve to stop the asterisk services to free T1 channels so I can able to test whether whether it will work or not. At the end I was getting messages unable to connect/initialize modem (I used the same settings as for usb modem settings). If not stopping asterisk services we can not mapped sl-modem.

After experimenting sl-modem I switched to iaxmodem, configured it and ran qpage application. It dialed the number to the pager enterprise center successfully but later unable to send pagerid to carrier, at the end it gave me No Carrier message. After looking into the logs I observed that the iaxmodem was using is T.30 and T.31 protocol which were used by fax communication not data like v.32 v.42 bis. Later googling on internet, I realized that iaxmodem was made just for fax not data. Which became useless for me.

Even we know that asterisk does not support modem communication so looking a way how can I send the paging messages over PRI T1 without using asterisk and for this it requires data modem communication. Whereas the thing I liked about iaxmodem that it passed through the calls from asterisk.

Now looking forward whether this solution works if I use channel banking? If yes, please do share it. Actually the linked you’ve shared with me, I just want to create modem pool and send pager messages over T1 line is the ideal solution. But the question is how can I create a modem pool because sl-modem and iaxmodem are not working in my case.

Please I desperate need an advise for this matter, it has been more than month that I’m working on this case.