Setting different username and extension number

currently I’m gonna use my old cisco 2821 as fxo and fxs gateway in my house, the problem is that cisco needs at least 4 character to use as username, but I need my extensions to be 3 digits, so in cisco when username is 4 digit and destination-pattern is 3 digit I get this error
chan_sip.c: username mismatch, have <202>, digest has <1202>
what can I do?

Not only can you have different extension numbers and usernames, this is actually advised in the best security practice document, included in the Asterisk source tree!

chan_sip is deprecated, unsupported, and scheduled for removal in the Autumn 2023 version of Asterisk.

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well actually Im using issabel and it takes longer for assabel to have this feature, but what can i do right now? ive already enabled match_auth_username in sip setting but no luck!

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