SEt Callerid with Originate Command

Hi everybody,
I’m using the managar interface to make outgoing calls trough a PRI connection:

fputs ($fp, “Action: Originate\r\n”);
fputs ($fp, “CallerID: 01234567 <01234567>\r\n”);
fputs ($fp, “Channel: Zap/12/039079079\r\n”);
fputs ($fp, “Context: comehere\r\n”);
fputs ($fp, “Extension: 333\r\n”);
fputs ($fp, “Priority: 1\r\n\r\n”);

it works but the callerid is not available to the called party.

If I perform the call normally in the Dialplan I can use the application
SetCallerPres(allowed) to make the callerid available.
So the question is, there is a way to set the callerpresentation even making the call with the Originate Action?
Thanks in advance,


Using Asterisk 1.2.X