Set(CALLERID) function

When I try to use use the SetCallerID(all) function and specify “Caller name” I get an error “Unable to write frametype: 2”. If I simply SetCallerID(num) I don’t get an error. Any Info? Running 16.1

“Caller Name” is invalid syntax. It would need to be "Caller Name" <number>.

Frame type 2 is an ordinary audio frame.

Actual command -
Set(CALLERID(all)=“Tom Jones” <16302245678>)

editor chewed it up. Forgot to mention it also messed up the subsequent DIAL command somehow. It failed to detect a hangup by the far end. Just kept waiting. When I use
it works fine.

Never mind. I tried it again and it worked. Must have been a typo somewhere. On a side note, I couldn’t find anywhere that indicates if double quotes are required (or needed) when the name contains a space i.e. “Firstname Lastname”. A sip trace seems to indicate it works without quotes but haven’t been able to tell for sure. I’ve seen some posts that say the name is now being used in some cases.

I’d expect the same rules as for SIP itself:

name-addr      =  [ display-name ] LAQUOT addr-spec RAQUOT
addr-spec      =  SIP-URI / SIPS-URI / absoluteURI
display-name   =  *(token LWS)/ quoted-string
token       =  1*(alphanum / "-" / "." / "!" / "%" / "*"
LWS  =  [*WSP CRLF] 1*WSP ; linear whitespace

which was based on RFC 822, which in turn was designed so that simplet cases looked like a reasonable format for an addressee ina paper memo.

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