Session termination

Bob Hangs Up with Alice and send BYE request to alice

Alice reply back to Bob with a 200 OK a final response, and session is terminated, but let say that for some particular

reason Bob didnt get the 200 OK reply from alice, what will do Bob UA terminate the session anyway or resend other BYE until get a 200 OK reply ?

| |
| BYE F5 |
| 200 OK F6 |

Standard retransmission rules apply. The BYE will be retransmitted until eventually it gives up and then the session is terminated locally. If the remote side never sees the BYE then the call will either continue, or it will have local policy to eventually terminate it (no RTP flowing, SIP session timers).

Thanks @jcolp I use RTP timeout as workaround to this issue, but I was not aware about the Standard re transmission rule for the BYE. Now is clear

@jcolp timmers is a good option to deal with this issue we can use Timer F who is the maximum amount of time that a sender will wait for a non INVITE message to be acknowledged in this case the BYE request. exploring the PJSIP options I see we have

;timer_t1=500 ; Set transaction timer T1 value milliseconds (default: “500”)
;timer_b=32000 ; Set transaction timer B value milliseconds (default: “32000”)

But it seems there is no option for Timer F

When originally implemented there was no ability to configure such a thing in PJSIP, it’s possible that it can be done these days but noone has investigated or implemented such new functionality.