Server sizing information

I have been asked to provide the configuration of a server that can support 120 SIP channels. There will be no switching, no operators. It would run ViciDial to call out and play a standard recording only.

From my own knowledge plus a little googling, I see that there is no standard sizing calculator per se as the hardware depends on other factors. However, I do need to provide something concrete to the client.

As an example, if a few of you who have no PSTN lines, only SIP, can give me a ball park figure as to which processor and how much RAM you have and (roughly) how many simultaneous connection your server is handling, perhaps I can show that to the client.



wont help you as you clearly say at the start you are running vicdial. This is a database driven system and puts a fair load on a server. you need to draw up a spec with concurrent call load, call duration etc and go over to the vicdail forums and ask there, as that is you limiting factor.

Gotta start someplace :cry:

I’ll post this in the ViciDial forum also.