Sendmail From Address

Does anyone know how I can change the address that my mail is being sent from if I am using Sendmail 8.13.1? I already have some masquerade set up to masquerade the domain, but it seems that my mail is still coming from root@asterisk1 (the name of my machine).

Also, I am having a problem that all of my mail is being queued but not sent. Does anyone know why this would be happening?

If you have any suggestions, please include the commands I would need in order to do them because I am still fairly new to Linux.

is sendmail process is running ?

Sendmail is running.

What does $man sendmail do?

vally is saying use man command to get help on sendmail .
$ is nothing but shell prompt.

Before working on sendmail check with following statement.

$ telnet localhost 25 … Press enter key
helo Press enter key
mail from: … enterkey
rcpt to:yourofficeialmailid … enter key
data … enterkey
Some text … enter key
. for sending mail

Type exit or quit to come out .

Let me know weather u are able to send mails by above steps

I’ve tried sending mail with the mailx command. When I look at the maillog, it says the stat=queued but the mail queue contains no messages.

You can change voice E-mail behaviour by using mailcmd in voicemail.conf. Read the sample carefully. All you need to do is to use the correct sendmail command line option. That’s where man sendmail helps.

There are ways to reconfigure sendmail at system level. Since you are not familiar with sendmail, it’s best not to touch it.