Sending DTMF to ongoing call from website

I want to send DTMF input to ongoing call through php website, how it will be achieved

Trigger call by clicking button on website
Wait for connection
Press the keys in order to send the DTMF tones
Do some processing
Do not hang up
User will trigger a button from website again to send DTMF to the same call


Thank you for response.
How the control will come back to website once the call is originated ?
and how to send second and subsequent requests to the same channel ? … k-AMI.html

It’s actually PlayDTMF, rather than SendDTMF, in AMI.

The other key action you need is Originate.

it’s actually PlayDTMF, rather than SendDTMF, in AMI. - done with this one

The other key action you need is Originate.[/quote]

Now problem is to identify the channel I am using and getting the status as unable to get response with agi->channelstatus

I am trying to overcome the same problem. Did you ever overcome this issue?

I am sending DTMF from asterisk AMI using playDTMF and I’m seeing the entry in my asterisk CLI which is great, but my dialplan doesn’t seam to recognise them.

I’m using ControlPlayback() to wait for a key press and I’ve also tried waitExten() to no avail.

Annoyingly it works when a digit is pressed from a SIP phone.

If you are expecting the dialplan to process the DTMF, you don’t have the same problem, so will need to provide the full details.

Hi David,

thanks for the reply. I’ve created a new post at viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95445

any thoughts are much appreciated.