Send SMS from CLI

is it possible to send SMS from the CLI console?

I found this link - Asterisk cmd Sms - VoIP-Info but it seems core show help SMS returns No such command. Do I need to have that command installed?

I know I can do console dial to place a call to an extension, but why is console not show as an available command when I execute core show help?

can channel originate be used to do this - something like channel originate MessageSend extension@context?

chan_dongle is only community supported, and I’m not sure if there is any expertise here, however, it looks like DongleSendSMS() takes all the necessary parameters, so you should be able to use originate with it as the application. You will need some stub dialplan to allow you to provide a local channel on which to run it.

Or did you not really mean an SMS, but rather a SIP message, which an ITSP or gateway might turn into an SMS?

Also, you have asked two questions about SMS; I find it difficult to believe they are totally unrelated, and justify separate threads.

ah yes, sorry. the later. I want to send a SIP message from the console

message.c doesn’t define any CLI commands, and you need at least two lines of dialplan to send a message, so you would need some non-trivial dialplan, to support an originate call and put everything together.

what is app_message.c? Asterisk wiki returns nothing?

I meant message.c. It is the source code file which implement MessageSend, which is the dialplan application that is used to send SIP message.

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