Send Ringing Call to Voice Mail

Is it possible to send a ringing call to voice mail?

Problem: The extension is ringing, the user sees who it is and does not want to answer the call. i want to create a button to send that call to voice mail immediately, and stop the extension from ringing.

Is there a feature such as this on some models of phone?

Can I get control of the ringing extension in the dial plan so I can interface with a screen to create a software button to send the call somewhere else?

Is the solution as easy as ringing the extension for 3 seconds, then returning to the dial plan and running an app that checks my software button, and if no button pressed, ring again for 3 seconds until I hit my 30 second max? If I ring for 3 seconds, am I guaranteed to actually get a ring, or could that 3 seconds be the silence between rings?

Can the dial plan have two logical concurrent paths? Could I execute the command to ring the extension for 30 seconds, then immediately go to the next command so I can check the “send to voice mail” button? I’m not sure, but I thought the dial plan executed sequentially with each command needing to complete before the next command would start.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Polycom’s can reject calls in this way.

If you were going to do it third party, you would use AMI to Redirect the incoming channel.

Thanks David:
I will look at the polycom phones, but I would really rather do this with software.

I didn’t reallize AMI had this power, I will look at it more. I am concerned, however, about raising the security privileges as high as I believe AMI would require to do this. This application will be for run of the mill, everyday phones, and I worry about someone getting through the firewall.