Send receive sms between goip and asterisk

I’m currently integrating asterisk with goip gateway which is working perfectly. Now I need to add a functionality which is able to send and receive sms to/from asterisk. The goip gateway does the work of receiving sms also, there is something called : “sms to voip” , it forwards the received messages to whichever extension you need to go through (11 in my example).
The fact is : when I send an sms from my gsm mobile, the voip gateway receives it and forward it to the extension mentioned (11) on the field sms to voip but, strangely that extension starts to ring instead of receiving a message! It’s like this context created on extensions_custom. Conf is bypassed :
exten => _X.,1,NoOp({EXTEN:0})** same => n,noop(“message”) **same => n,noop({MESSAGE(body)})
same => n,Messagesend(pjsip:11,${MESSAGE(body):1:11})

I also want to tell that the internal messages between extensions are working, the problem is between goip and asterisk even the sending or the receiving of messages.

I know that this kind of configuration is not standard and I have to program it, if someone has an idea it will be very helpful.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your reply. I’ll give it a try and come back to you.

I think it’s not good choice to handle sms this way.

With device GoIP , you can try setup sms server, it have easy api so send / receive sms

Thank you so much for the reply
I think I’m a little bit confused abut what is called an sms server.

First, I found an option on the goip : “sms server” So, I’ve tried to use the api http urls that I found on this document :

Unfortunely the result is always : URL NOT FOUND !

Second : I’m willing to find an interesting thing while installing the goip sms server that I found on this link with explanations on youtube : goip sms server setting - YouTube
Maybe if I try to use the http requests on it I will be able to create a complete app using its url to receive/send sms.

Maybe I’m wrong about where to search so I solicitate your help to guide me if possible.

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