Send provided dtmf to given channel

I recently started using asterisk and i don’t know the syntax of Asterisks API and how to pass query parameters in CURL request.
as this API is given as an example on asterisk wiki, but it is not very much clear to me. can anyone tell me the proper syntax and example of how to use send dtmf api
curl -v -u asterisk:asterisk -X POST “http://localhost:8088/ari/channels/1400609726.3/play?media=sound:hello-world

You need to explain rather more about when and why you want to do this. ARI requires that your dialplan cooperate and I don’t think it can send DTMF whilst bridged. If you had actually designed the dialplan to cooperate, I don’t think you would have needed to ask questions about the syntax of ARI requests.

AMI may be better, but you shouldn’t use the HTTP interface, as that is, effectively unsupported. I’m not completely sure whether its PlayDTMF action can be used on bridged channels.

I am trying to use channels rest API as shown in these tutorial
Channels Rest API

ARI (Asterisk REST Interface) is the API you are using.

I’d expect you to get a 409 here, as you won’t be running Stasis, although you might well get 412, if it doesn’t like acting on a bridged channel.

Stasis is also running i have mentioned that in extensions.conf i am getting error 400

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