Send Original SDP to destination

Hi all,
I have amy own B2BUA and works with Asterisk as follows:-

  • B2BUA creates an Invite message INVITE1 with its own SDP containing media information(particularly, attributes) and then sends to Asterisk
  • Asterisk receives INVITE1 and then creates a new Invite message INVITE2 to send to destination.

What I need is that INVITE2 will contain all media information of INVITE1. So please tell me whether Asterisk can do like that or not, if yes, tell me know how to configure.


I have the same problem.
I add some none standard attributes to sdp at caller and expect that receive them at callee, but received sdp at calle is reformatted sdp and my attributes are removed.
how should i config astersik to prevent reformatting sdp and removing extra sdp attributes?