Segmentation fault with RealTime

I have configured Asterisk Realtime succesfullyusing When I make a phone call, it is succesfully established but when I hangup, a segmentation fault occurs and asterisk quits.

I’ll appreciate any help


It is a good idea to tell us version of asterisk, MySQL, Linux.
Or forum should engage some witch :smile:

The version information is as follows:

Linux: Fedora core 4
Asterisk: Both 1.2.1 and 1.2.4
MySQL: standard- 5.0.18

I’ve exactlly the same probleme since i’ve upgrade the MySQL version.

With :
Asterisk 1.2.5
Mysql 4.1.13
it worked very well.

And now with MySQL 5.0 i’ve the seg fault.
Any ideas ?

I re-compiled asterisk-addon and now it works.