Segmentation Fault (Core Dumped) - High Latency Users


I am experiencing a weird issue with Asterisk version 13.21.1. I have a cluster of 4 servers and all have been running great. Asterisk keeps crashing out of no where with no type of errors displayed before or after the crash I cant find what is the root cause of it. One thing that I have noticed that is causing the crash is users that are logged into extensions that are connecting with a high latency. I had my users with high pings connect to one server and any server they connect to eventually leads to this Segmentation Fault crashing asterisk completely and im able to bring it right back up. Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

13.21.1 is a few versions old. I’d recommend upgrading to the latest release and see if it fixes the problem. After upgrading if it’s still crashing then please get a backtrace, and then create an issue on the issue tracker and attach it to it.

Upgraded to 13.27.0 still facing the same issues but only with my server that has agents with high latency :frowning:

It could be an issue with that particular server. Is it possible to move one agent to another server temporarily to see if the latency improves ?

As mentioned please file an issue if you have not already. Asterisk should not be crashing in any situation.

However, feel free to post the backtrace here as well, or more information if you have it, if you like and maybe someone will know of a workaround to help in the meantime.

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