Second line on the xlite softphone

I have the xlite softphone working. If I am on line 1 and a call comes in, it properly goes to the 2nd line of the softphone.

But how can I get the 2nd line to be abe to dial out just like the first line does?

What do you mean by dial out like the first one ? If you are talking about two separate SIP accounts in X-Lite and EyeBeam you can only set one SIP account for when you call out. If you want to dial out from more then one SIP account on a soft phone have a look at Zoiper.

In general with SIP there are no “lines” just SIP accounts. You can have 50 calls on one SIP account.


Sorry, I was not clear at all.

The softphone is configured as an extension for asterisk, let’s say extension 710. The employee at that softphone calls out, because the softphone is an extension in an asterisk nsystem that calls out thru a SIP provider. All that is configured in the sip.conf and extensions.conf and works fine.

It also is fine if while the employee is on a call, they receive a second call (where that call originated is not relevant). It rings on the “second line button” of the softphone, the empliyee puts call 1 on hold and aswers.

But now the employee is on a call and wishes to originate a second call, perhaps to conference, or perhaps just wants caller 1 on hold a minute while he checks with the boss by calling the boss on the "second line " button of the softphone. Here is where it breaks down; I do not see how to get the ability to originate that second call.

Ok. This is phone specific. In the case of the X-Lite click on the “line” that is active. It will put the call on hold. You can then click on the “second line”, dial the number that you want to call and press enter. AFAIK you can put the first call on hold dial the second number, press enter and it should work.

Also: Tuvia - Atah yehudi ?

It will not let me initiate a second call while there is a call on hold on line 1. If asterisk should let me do this, it must be a setting in the phone. The phone was previously used on a different system, so maybe I’ll try a clean install.

I thought it was asterisk thing, sorry.

I also have the same situation with my cisco 7960 phones. I only provisioned 1 line; do I need to provision 2 more lines to different extensions in order to have simultaneous outbound calls thru the asterisk pbx?

And: yes.

See if you have call-limit set in sip.conf. Also it can be your carrier rejecting the call. Can you post the out put of your CLI when you try to make that second call ?

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Got it. No idea why there was a call-limit line, but that was it.

Now if I could solve my two other threads life would be good. I am to the point of being willing to pay somebody about why my IVR will not answer. My guess is if you want to see the threads, search on tuvia, probably not millions of them.


I go through them as I am able. Will try to look at your other posts in the morning.