RTPTimeout and SIPSessionTimer in PJSIP

Hi, So In chan_sip when RTP timeout or SIP Session timeout happens a SessionTimeout AMI event is triggered but I’m not seeing this in chan_pjsip, was this done deliberately?
How can I find out (using AMI/ARI) that the channel got hung up because of an RTP or SIP Session timeout?
For RTP timeout I can see that both the chan_sip and chan_pjsip sets a specific AST_CAUSE_REQUESTED_CHAN_UNAVAIL hangupcause on the channel.
But nothing for SIP Session timeout in case of chan_pjsip.

Deliberate? No. Probably just forgotten or noone really knew of that event in the first place. I don’t think there’s currently anything specific to provide insight on that.

Thanks jcolp.
I’ll see If I can figure out a way to single out the hangup reason as a SIP Session timeout.
So far I don’t see any callbacks from pjsip library to chan_pjsip in case of Session timeout.

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