Rtp_symmetric = yes no longer works for vpn. Need to switch between yes and no

Oke i have new regresion comming from debian to ubuntu.

Asterisk 18.10.0~dfsg+~cs6.10.40431411-2

My phone tcp connection worked locally. Over vpn and plane inet. (With firewall rulles)

Now i dont recieve speech to my phone when using vpn. This is my main outside connection so i switched to rtp_symmetric = no.

Anyone got a solution. I hoped i could set rtp_symmetric in the connection then i could create a seperate connection for the internet. But that is not working.

bind=                                                                         local_net=
 external_media_address=mydomain                                                 external_signaling_address=mydomain                              

allow=ulaw                                                                                transport=transport-tcp                                                                   auth=6001
direct_media = no
rtp_symmetric = yes
force_rport = yes
rewrite_contact = yes

I don’t understand what you are trying to do, or the setup. I’d suggest taking a step back and explaining the network arrangement and showing SIP traces and logs.

Sure thing. Will post when im back at my local site.
Its quite easy

if im remote:
I can call with vpn off vpn does not bring back voice from remote phone.
With rtp_symmetric = yes

And if i set rtp_symmetric = no i can call with my vpn but normal internet gives troubles.

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