RTP configuration

I am trying to understand how rtp traffic works with asterisk, there is rtp.conf file that has starting rtp port and final rtp port but I see ports being negotiated outside of the range specified for RTP in Asterisk CLI

What is the purpose of rtp.cnf file setting for RTP range? For testing, I set the value to 1000-2000 but I see calls getting RTP ports at 39000 range.

If carrier specified that RTP traffic may be sent on 10000-25000, should rtp range be adjusted in rtp.cnfg

The rtp.conf file controls the RTP range that Asterisk will use. The remote side has its own port range that it will use for traffic going to it, and that may fall outside of what is configured in rtp.conf. They do not have to match.

Thank you jcolp, just wanted to make sure i understood this correctly