Routing Between Asterisk Servers without Trunking?

I’m not even sure this is possible but worth asking I suppose :smile:

What we’re trying to do is route incoming calls from various DIDs to main office asterisk server and then (either through IVR or manual transfer) redirect the call to another Asterisk server at a branch office without trunking.
I suppose an analogy for this would be something similar to a HTTP redirect.
The reason for this is that we’re seeing a drop in quality when trying to pass calls via a trunk (IAX2, SIP) between offices and exploring ways to deal with it. Since it’s where our receptionists are staffed calls need to first hit the main office.

Again you’ll have to pardon me if the question is… Well… Not grounded in reality.

The direct equivalent of an HTTP redirect is to invoke the Tranfer application BEFORE answering the call.

The othe approach to this is to allow the call to be re-invited to send the RTP stream direct.

There may be commercial reasons why your PSTN gateway provider will either refuse to honour these, or charge you for the forwarded leg.

Re-inviting will be less painful if all your Asterisk boxes have public IP addresses.

Note that error handling on the Transfer application is broken and that is particularly true if you forward post-answer.