Round-robin outgoing calls

Hi all,

I was suffering about this problem…
I have to round-robin outgoing calls to 5 SIP trunks, any trunk allow 1 simultaneous call.
Is there any application to do this? Macro?
does anyone resolved this problem?
Very thanks!

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I know with zap the naming of the channel determines how it is handled (eg g1 or r1). SIP might have something similar.

g: select the lowest-numbered non-busy Zap channel (aka. ascending sequential hunt group).
G: select the highest-numbered non-busy Zap channel (aka. descending sequential hunt group).
r: use a round-robin search, starting at the next highest channel than last time (aka. ascending rotary hunt group).
R: use a round-robin search, starting at the next lowest channel than last time (aka. descending rotary hunt group).

I think that it only works with zap channel… :confused:

I think your best bet might be a macro as follows-

First define a handful of global variables- like

Now make a macro and call it with the destination # as the argument. Each time it runs it will take another global variable and add 1 (Set(${increment}=$[${increment}+1]) or something like that). Also GotoIf’s, if ${increment} is larger than your highest number sip trunk it goes back to 1. Macro then Dial(Trunk${increment},${ARG1})