RLS URI for modern Linphone (RFC 4662 Resource Lists)


Linphone >= 5.x seems not to support SIP simple presence any more opposed to older versions. Instead the software offers an option to specify a custom RLS URI.

I’ve read Asterisk supports being a RFC 4662 Resource Lists server since version 13.0.

And the pjsip sample configuration has a section about that:

The config would look like:


Will the list_items for presence be the dial plan extensions or the PJSIP endpoint names?
The docs say:

For instance, with presence list_items, hints in the dialplan are looked up.

And more important: If my config section type=resource_list was named my_list (as in the documentation example) and my Asterisk server would run on asterisk.myorg.internal on port 5061 (TLS), how would an RLS URI for Linphone look like?

Does someone here use Linphone 5.x with BLF / presence status indicators working with Asterisk?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it work up to now. :worried:

(Phone calls work fine. The question is just about the status of my internal endpoints: green/available / busy / offline)

Thank you for your advice!

Per the Asterisk RLS documentation, you would want something like this in your dialplan extensions.conf:

exten => alice,hint,PJSIP/alice
exten => bob,hint,PJSIP/bob

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