Ringing extensions then goes to BUSY

Hey guys,

I have a set of extensions that I ring in a sort of growing pool… like so:


It rings the extensions just fine in the order they are set… but if nobody answers it doesn’t seem to go to voicemail it just goes to a BUSY signal…

Am I missing something here ?

You would need to provide the actual console output during a call attempt so we can see what is actually happening. It is entirely possible that either different logic is being executed, or because the call hasn’t been answered in a period of time it is being hung up by the calling side.

Ok guys… I found out what my issue was… I needed to add


to the beginning of that setup for it to work properly…

It seems as though voip.ms hung up the incoming call from what I can see. There is probably a timeout on their side to stop a call attempt after a timeout when not answered.

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