Ring Groups to Conference

Hi there…

As a newbie on asterisk…need some help to combine ring group to conference (or something like that).

  1. I have 5 SIP extensions local/internal (2001 to 2005) up and running
  2. And a conference code (50) working as well
  3. A ring group (301).
    with ring all, but as soon as one person answers, the other extensions in the group are dropped

Now the requirement is to keep ringing these extensions so that everybody that picks up the call lands in a conference with the caller.

Thank you

Based on the terms that you are using (ring group) it seems you have FreePBX GUI, give a try to community.freepbx.org/ , if you are not using FreePBX or any other GUI, please post your configuration files and cli output, verbose level minimun 5