RFC 7433- User-to-User Call Control Information


Does Asterisk is able to send or configure User to User Header (uui) in an outgoing INVITE request?


Both chan_sip and chan_pjsip allow setting custom headers, that don’t conflict with standard headers, on initial invites. They also allow headers on inbound initial invites to be read.

I doubt there is explicit support.


Could you also please help me to configure the custom headers in Asterisk.
Presently, my pbx sends Supported header as follows: Supported: replaces, timer .
My requirement is, PBX needs to indicate the support of User-to-User Call Control Information (uui ) in the Supported headers.

Thank you very much!


There is no facility for end users to change that header, although the source code change should be obvious, and safe.


Thank you…

Would it be possible to configure Asterisk to send SIP OPTIONS with max-forward=0 ?


I believe I’ve already answered that question elsewhere. No, there is no configuration to control that for OPTIONS.