RFC 7433- User-to-User Call Control Information

Does Asterisk is able to send or configure User to User Header (uui) in an outgoing INVITE request?

Both chan_sip and chan_pjsip allow setting custom headers, that don’t conflict with standard headers, on initial invites. They also allow headers on inbound initial invites to be read.

I doubt there is explicit support.


Could you also please help me to configure the custom headers in Asterisk.
Presently, my pbx sends Supported header as follows: Supported: replaces, timer .
My requirement is, PBX needs to indicate the support of User-to-User Call Control Information (uui ) in the Supported headers.

Thank you very much!

There is no facility for end users to change that header, although the source code change should be obvious, and safe.

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Thank you…

Would it be possible to configure Asterisk to send SIP OPTIONS with max-forward=0 ?

I believe I’ve already answered that question elsewhere. No, there is no configuration to control that for OPTIONS.

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