[Resolved] VoiceMail Only Distro

I did some searching but not for very long so I hope I’m not beating a dead horse for lack of a better term. I am just curious if anyone knows of a Voicemail only ISO/install already compiled and ready to go. Without going into detail I’m looking for something to replace Unity and Meridian Mail in a large deployment.

Thank you

AFAIK there is none out there however if you just want it for VM it should not be hard at all to configure. You can use asterisk real time and create a php gui that will interact with mysql. Should not take you long to configure.

Yes, this is VERY easy to do:


Thats it.

Imagine you have this DDI’s in your home/company:

So the macro is catching ANY call beginning with 555
Then it extracts the digits AFTER 555 (the exten:3 cuts the leading 3 digits)
So the voicemail is called like

“u” is “unavailable”, so you use this announcement - you could also use “busy” which is represented by a “b” instead of an “u”.

Add another line like


but put it in a context where calls from outside are not spawning, so no1 can dial in with “555-8500” to access your VM menue (or DO it if you actually WANT them to be able…)

8500 is the standard VM extension, prompting for the mailboxno. and a pin.

I’ll start setting a box up to give this a shot, so you might see more of me soon.

Thank you!