[RESOLVED]: take some action after dial is answered

hi all,

i’ve got a question i wish someone will answer:

in extensions.conf, when i make a dial such as

  • dial(SIP/01,30)
    is there a way to know, in the dialplan, if the call has been answered DURING THE DIAL OPERATION?

isomething like:
exten => …
exten => dial()
exten => busy
exten => away
exten => answered

i need it for instance to change moh class, or to send notification to external application.

this is interest me to.

I think that Dial contain solution for that like I cite below. But my problem is, that my customer use with FreePBX, so if I want to use with above, I need to change the extension.conf and extension_additional.conf on many places! or I must lost all features the freePBX is mange for us. have solution?

please check this and tell me if it work:

the-asterisk-book.com/unstab … -dial.html

Runs the macro x when the call is answered, optionally passing ^ (caret) separated arguments. The macro may set the MACRO_RESULT channel variable to one of the following values:
Hangs up both ends of the call.
Indicates congestion on the line.
Indicates that the line is busy (and jumps to n+101).
Hangs the called end up and continues in the dialplan.

ok, it works.
thank you!

i don’t know anything about freepbx, so i’m sorry but i can’t help you.

thanks again.