[RESOLVED] Incoming ZAP calls


We are using telIAX as our VoIP provider, which most all of our phone calls come into.

We have a single POTS line that we need to have answered by the * server, however we do not want it to be answered and follow the rules outlined in the “Incoming Calls” section of AMP (Using Asterisk@Home 2.1).

How can we change this? We want it to ring on an already created call group, and then transfer to an auto-attendant on no-answer.

Thanks in advance!



how sad … no one knows how to help?

I’m so at a loss for what to do! :frowning:


I think you have to get dirty for this, edit /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf and put the channel in a different context/group?

I don’t really use AAH, not many of the hardcore users do.


I’m using A@H in an attempt to get our phone system up and running. I have another box that I’ve setup and compiled asterisk by hand, and am working on learning bare asterisk before I really get myself in a hole.

But, thank you for the tip!



Have you read The Book? voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … +Telephony very useful introduction to * that covers most of what you will need.


I’ve got it sitting right beside me, actually :smiley:

I had to add a context to extensions_custom.conf, then I had to edit the context in the zapata.conf and zapata-auto.conf files.

Thanks for your help!


Can you share your configs? I think it would help a lot of us looking to do the same thing and understand this better all around…