[RESOLVED]: How do I handle a failed Dial attempt

Hi I am a noob to asterisk and dial plan. I have an inbound call that I am answering and then attempting to conference to another number, sending some dtmf. Here is the call in the dial plan code.

exten => _X,n(routingDest1),Dial(DAHDI/${EGRESS_RESOURCE}/${ROUTING_1_DEST}ww${OUTCALLID})

Is there a way to handle the call if it fails for any telephony reason such as busy or no answer etc. I saw some documentation about the extension fail but I wasn’t sure if that was only for the outbound auto-dial. Also wasn’t sure if there is a listener or anything I can assign on the channel from the java side that would be called on a failed attempt. It would be helpful to have the failed reason as well. Any help or thoughts greatly appreciated.


Jesse Jones

Sorry for the not so informed question. If anybody else is looking for the solution to this I recommend first reading the documentation here voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … +Dial#Dial.

You can get at the call result in the DIALSTATUS var and the Dial command will return to the next priority after the Dial command when the call doesn’t connect. There are other options that allow for other call handling such as music on hold, or when one of the lines hangs up.